Affordable Property Management Inc.


APM has been managing non-profit housing since 1991 and began managing condominiums in 1999.  Maureen Barrey the President of APM was involved for several years in the development of non-profit housing as a Development Consultant and then started APM.

The company currently manages condominium properties ranging in size from 20 units to 187 units.  These properties are high-rise apartment, low-rise apartment and townhouses.

All APM staff have taken courses in risk management, working with Building Condition Assessments and Replacement Reserve Fund Studies and other building related courses offered to the industry. All managers have taken all or most of the ACMO courses and are generally licensed. APM is also governed by the Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO).

APM Senior Staff offer training for Board members.  Governance is a very important part of being a Board member incorporates several program procedures and policies that must be adhered to.  Every Board member has a critical role to play and APM will help you to understand that role.

Condominiums are governed by the Condominium Act, 1998 and the Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act. All APM staff must be familiar with the Act and must abide by it in day-to-day operations. Other legislation that must be adhered to are the Ontario Fire Code, the Building Code, Electricity Act, Occupier’s Liability Act, Smoking in the Workplace Act, Health and Safety Act, Ontario Person’s with Disabilities Act and the Human Rights to name a few.

Replacement Reserve Fund Studies are a critical document in managing a condominium.  Planning for Capital improvements, repairs and replacements is important for the future of the property as well as the financial ability.